Living from the Heart Workshop

Living from the Heart Workshop


Do you feel like you have lost touch with you inner being? Are you stressed, burnt out, and uninspired? Do you feel like there has to be more to living than the mundane 9 to 5? Do you long to tap back into your motivation, passions, and dreams?

Sofia is excited to offer this brand-new workshop, designed to help you find alignment, balance, and connection with who you were always created to be! Using contemporary mindfulness techniques, heart-centred activities, and creativity, you will learn the 3 main ingredients for Whole Hearted Living: awareness, acknowledgement + invitation.

Come experience a time of reflection, growth, and healing! This workshop is a space to explore who you really are and reach your full potential. Limited spots are available.

Includes: essential oil samples, workbook, and refreshments.

Location: experience the beauty of nature in Sofia’s beautiful backyard in Oshawa!

*Pleas note: due to the small nature of this workshop, all sales are final + non-refundable. In the case of bad weather, dates will be moved.

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