Sofia embodies the definition of “Lux” - she truly is a light and shares that light with the individuals that she works with. Sofia is excellent at forming connection with a genuine authenticity that fosters a safe environment for growth. She is passionate and full of life, drawing her clients into healing and wellness through various creative means. Through transformative therapies and practices, working with Sofia is sure to illuminate your personal light and draw you further into wholeness.
— Chelsea, Owner of Together The Label

Working with Sofia has enlightened areas in my life and has brought clarity to places that I have always been afraid of addressing. She makes the process of growth comfortable. I am happy to have worked with her.
— Emma, Norfolk County

Sofia’s creative workshop will impact you in the best way possible. I have learned so much and hope to take part in more.
— Stephanie, Durham Region

I’ve dealt with severe anxiety ever since I was 12 years old. I’ve gone from a place of being totally debilitated and unable to do my daily life to a place of acceptance and stability through therapy, medication and other support. Anxiety is a part of my life, it’s my burden to bear but it no longer defines me or controls me because I keep gaining more tools and strategies against it.

Dancing with Sofia and learning from her was probably the best part of each week for me. She created this safe, peaceful environment in which I was able to fully focus on being present in every moment instead of having my thoughts a million miles away flying in all different directions. She is patient and genuinely caring, investing in her clients and creating a relationship with them. Her enthusiasm for people and dance was so beautifully shown through our sessions.”
— Esther, Hamilton

In August, Théma Arts Academy held a Triple Threat Camp where Campers had the opportunity to develop their skills in acting, singing, and dancing with high-quality industry professionals. They learned how the music, theatre, and dance industries work and how to audition. With that said, rejection in these industries is inevitable. We hired Sofia to lead the Campers in activities that promoted mindfulness, confidence, and resiliency. Every single Camper adored Sofia’s welcoming heart. They gleaned from her wisdom and she built a deep level of trust with them, in only one week. Sofia has an immeasurable ability to adapt to each circumstance, each soul, and each need. I found her presence and insight extremely useful and peaceful. Over the week, I even noticed massive personal developments in the Campers, in their confidence, their ability to cope with life’s struggles, and their ability to get out of their comfort zones. We cannot wait to have Sofia lead us in more wellness coaching!
— Jennifer Budd, Owner of Théma Arts Academy
Sofia held a therapeutic paint night that was worth every penny. I learned quite a lot about myself in the session with her and she has given me many tools on what I can do with managing stress and how to come to peace and love my inner qualities and differences. Sofia was so informative and extremely trusting. I am looking forward to the many more workshops that LUX will be providing!
— Macy, Oshawa