C r e a t i v e S e s s i o n s

Lux offers one-on-one creative sessions for individuals who would like to engage with the creative arts and learn more about the emotional, social, spiritual, and therapeutic benefits that creativity can have. These sessions have been designed for children, youth, and adults of all ages. No prior experience with painting or art is required!

Group rates are available - please contact us to book a Mindful Art or Creative Movement Group Workshop.


creative movement class (60 min) $50

Learn the healing effects of creative movement and expression. Together we will stretch, breathe, and explore the connection between mind and body through movement. This session involves mindfulness activities and a time for personal reflection.

*Note: this is not a yoga class


mindful art session (90 min) $90

Mindful Art is a space to learn various methods for painting in the abstract form. You will learn the fundamentals of creativity, how to apply various techniques, and how to express yourself in new ways! You will gain new understanding on navigating emotions, processing anxiety, tapping into your creative heart, and becoming more productive!

The session involves mindfulness and meditation, heart-centred activities, and creation of your very own painting. Your painting will be on a 16 x 20 canvas that you can take home!

Session includes your canvas and workbook. All other supplies will be provided to you.


mini mindful art session (30 min) $40

This session is for those who would like to get a “taste test” of what Mindful Art is! You will gain some of the tools and journey through the techniques used in the full Mindful Art experience. This session includes a 10 x 12 inch canvas and worksheet.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
— Abraham Lincoln